About us

Riyadh Geotechnique and Foundation (RGF) is a specialist engineering and contracting company established under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. RGF management endeavors to provide its valued clients with professional services of the highest quality in consideration to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Standard, Regulatory/ Statutory requirements and other adopted International Standards.

RGF possesses quality expertise reflected in its management and staff of over 300 specialized engineers and technicians who have worked for over three decades on developmental projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East. Armed with such expertise, RGF grew as a specialist contractor in drilling and in-situ testing services. These services presently include such specialized work as subsurface exploration including In-situ Seismic testing, Pressure-meter Testing and materials testing including Non-Destructive Testing (NDT); and Cathodic Protection.

RGF´s main thrust is the attainment of our client´s complete satisfaction. Our approach to every project we undertake is characterized by examining opportunities for introducing appropriate new ideas and technologies that would expedite the work and deliver the final product in the most cost effective and high quality manner.