Hydrographic & Marine Operations

The marine division specializes in offshore investigation that assists in the planning and design of coastal engineering works.These services include:

  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Bathymetric and Hydrographic Surveys
  • Met-Ocean Studies

The marine division has undertaken coastal projects along the whole of the western coast of the Arabian Gulf, the eastern coast of the Red Sea, and the Lebanese coast. Special projects have been undertaken in other locations such as Port Said in Egypt.

The marine division has assisted engineers who are designing the following coastal works:

  • Nearshore oil platforms and freestanding conducters
  • Crude oil and utility sub-sea pipelines
  • Dredging and filling operations
  • A range of structures on fill material from port facilities, petroleum tanks, and waterfront residential buildings
  • Intake / outfall structures and associated power & desalination facilities
  • Silation studies and removal monitoring
  • Plume modeling and recirculation studies

RGF has full range of hydrographic survey equipment including DGPS, Side Scan Sonar, Echosounders, Bottom profilers and on board navigational and processing software as well as post processing software for production of charts.