Site investigations

"A knowledge of precedents is an essential prerequisite to the successful practice of subsurface engineering"



RGF has achieved an enviable reputation as the leading sub-surface drilling and testing company. RGF operates more than 30 fully equipped rigs, wireline drilling equipment, wagon drills for rock probing and a fleet of all-terrain vehicles and swamp buggies for mobility in difficult access sites.

Our services in the drilling field include:

  • On-shore drilling for site investigation for roads and bridges, housing structures, multi-storey buildings and towers and petrochemical complexes and refineries.
  • Off-shore drilling for site investigation for oil platforms and mooring systems.
  • Geological and mining exploration.


RGF possesses a substantial array of in-situ and field testing equipment for :

  • SPT Testing and Sampling
  • Dutch Cone Testing
  • Pressuremeter Testing
  • Plate Load Testing
  • Field CBR Testing
  • Environmental Investigation
  • Geophysical Exploration
  • Pavement Evaluation using FWD and HFWD Equipment


RGF has developed sophisticated expertise in instrumentation techniques for the purpose of monitoring ground and structural movements.