Engineering and Contracting Services

Looking for expertise in Engineering and Contracting Services?

Are you in search of a specialist engineering and contracting company in Saudi Arabia? Riyadh Geotechnique and Foundations (RGF) is your answer. With over three decades of hands-on experience, RGF’s management and staff bring quality expertise to subsurface exploration, in-situ testing services, pressure-meter testing, and materials testing, including nondestructive testing (NDT) and cathodic protection.

RGF has played a pivotal role in developmental projects across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, contributing to transformative endeavourslike the King Abdulaziz International Airport Expansion Project, Riyadh Metro Project, King Abdullah Financial District Project, King Salman Energy Park Project, and the iconic Jeddah Tower Project.

RGF’s expansion into the Middle East and investment in cutting-edge technology reflect the company’s commitment to growth and excellence. Want to stay informed about their latest projects and industry insights? Follow Riyadh Geotechnique and Foundations on LinkedIn!

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