Our Services

Sample Preparation

Drying, Jaw crushing, pulverising.


Effluents, Boreholes, Seawater. Other analysis on request

Acid Digestion

Either 4 acid for complete digestion of pulverised samples and sludges, or Aqua Regia for readily soluble metals

Water or Solution Analysis

Plasma Emission Spectroscopy, or Atomic Absorption.

Non Destructive Analysis

Wave Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence.

About Us

MINLAB is ideally suited to service the mining industry which is spread across the western half of Saudi Arabia, and covers base and precious metals as well as those required for the construction industry.

We are fully accredited for all our tests, and perform interlab comparisons to ensure we have a high standard.

Accredited to:
International Accreditation Society – IAS for ISO17025 and ISO9001:2015.
ACM accreditation for OHSAS18001.
Registered with the Saudi Accreditation Committee.

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Our Projects

Mining and Quarrying

Environmental and Health

Mining and Quarrying


Please supply full details of samples, quantity, analysis, and date of delivery.

Laboratory location (MINLAB)

RGF Jeddah Office

  • 3267 Gharnatah Street, Jeddah. P.O. Box 9182 Jeddah 21413.

  • 0126115738